updated on Nov.4, 2019 Japanese Consumer-related market data  (FREE) Consumer expenditures for healthcare (2014- Aug, 2019), +4.6%, Updated Market size for household medical devices  (2014-2018), Updated   Japanese Medical-related market data (FREE) Consumer expenditures for medical treatments (2014- Aug, 2019), +4.8%, Updated Public medical treatments (2014- July, 2019)+5.1%, Updated Japan market size for medical devices and equipment (2014-2017), NOT YET Public pharmacy dispensing services (2014- July, 2019),+6.2%, Updated   Japanese Dental-related market data (FREE) Consumer expenditures for dental treatments (2014- Aug, 2019), -0.1%, Updated Public dental treatments (2014- July, 2019), +5.4%, Updated Japan market size for dental materials and equipment (2014-2018), Updated Dental CAD/CAM market in Japan (2014- 2018), Updated   Japan’s medical costs have been sharply growing especially in・・・