The following market data updated on Sep 20, 2022 under the updated process. 


Japanese Consumer-related market data  (FREE)

Japanese Medical-related market data (FREE)

Japanese Dental-related market data (FREE)


Monthly raw data in each subject are  available with excel format (US4$-US8$) ←click

  • One of the major works for Valcrep International is supporting or/and creating professional tools for all kind of healthcare related documents or/and tools, especially subjects related with pharmaceutical law or food safety law.

Professional tools 

  1. Product documnets, such as instruction manuals, brothures, performance charactaritic, and other promotional tools, etc
  2. Business documents, such as business senario, business strategy, business plan, marketing plan, training tools, etc
  3. Others including registration documents, business agreement, etc.   

focussing on 

  • professional translation (Eng⇔Jap, others ⇒Jap),
  • adequate reconstruction(adapted to law, industrial standards)
  • creation (unified materials as Registration documents-Package inserts-Operation manual-Promotional tools-Training tools, etc) 

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