Product Creation to produce new values

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  • R&D for Medical products including medical treatment devices, in-vitro diagnostics tests & equipment, dental materials & equipment
  • Denture related products, X ray related products
  • R&D and Market for Anti-oxidant technology and equipment for food and organ
    • Anti-Oxidant Cellar Server VinoLungo, launched in 2017
    • Anti-Oxidant Cellar Server VinoLungo SP, launched in 2019
    • Anti-Oxidation System, ONE PUSH MAGIC launched in Aug, 2019
  • Anti-Oxidant Box to extend life of organs for the organ transplantation (under development)
  • Anti-cell conversion freezing technology

For foods & drinks, there are 2 products categories   (refer to

(1)Antii-Oxidant Cellar Server VinoLungo

(2) Anti-Oxidant System LungoPro Series

(1)  Anti-Oxidant Cellar Server VinoLungo

VinoLungo has a compact body (25w x 35d x 55h, 19kg) with 3 functions; (i) Cellar, (ii) Server, and (iii) Gas replacement system.

  • Cellar:  Keep 2 bottles with selected temperature (4-18degrees)
  • Sommelier Server: pour drinks with set amounts getting air with set temperature by ONE PUSH
  • Gas replacement system to replace air by N2 (for aging drinks) or CO2 (for sparkling and carbonated drinks) to keep flesh flavor avoiding oxidation.

Prices: 145,000 – 155,000 yen (excl. TAX/ shipping fees )



(2) Anti-Oxidant System LungoPro Series

A handy injection system for antioxidant gas to extend the fresh life of food and drink for 2 to 8times utilizing the gas exchange packaging method introduced by many of food companies.


  • Inject Lungo N2 (N2 for 99.995%<)  or Lungo CO2 into bottle, canister, food storage bag/case, Coffee machine, lunch box, takeout box, refrigerator/ freezer, cool box for fishing
  • Keep flesh flavor for 48days for the opened WINEs against 1 day without gas replacement
  • Keep flesh flavor 2 to 4months for roasted coffee beards against 5days without gas replacement
  • Keep all the drinks and foods flesh for 2 to 8times

The price of the Anti oxidant system, ONE PUSH MAGIC is 9,980 yen (excl. TAX/ shipping fees ).
The anti oxidant gas cartridge Lungo N2: 1,500yen for 100-150 times
The anti oxidant gas cartridge Lungo CO2: 1,500yen for 300-500 times


(3) Organ Lungo, a goal for the development

To extend the life of organs for the organ transplantation.  (under development)

We are looking for the collaboration companies which have rapid freezing system to minimize the cell destruction and have a solution of the organ preservation.
A combination system between organ preservation solution and anti oxidation will extend the life of the organs for the organ transplantation, and increase the win rate for the operation of the organ transplantation.

In addition, we believe that the collaboration with the advanced rapid freezing system to be able to minimize the cell destruction could allow to use frozen organ for the transplantation in a future.