Product Creation to produce new values

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  • R&D for Medical products including medical treatment devices, in-vitro diagnostics tests & equipment, dental materials & equipment
    • Denture related products, X ray related products, Mouse cleaning products, etc
  • R&D and Market for Anti-oxidant technology and equipment for food and organ
    • Anti-Oxidant Cellar Server VinoLungo, launched in 2017
      • VinoLungo has 3 functions in the compact body(W25 x D35 x H55, 19kg), (1) Cellar for opened Wine, Sake, etc, (2) Dispenser to serve them with the best condition, (3) to keep them fresh for 4-8weeks avoiding the oxidation by nitrogen gas (>99.995%).
      • Anti-Oxidant Cellar Server VinoLungo SP, launched in 2019
        • VinoLungoSP has upgraded functions from VinoLungo,
    • Anti-Oxidation System, LungoPro, launched in Aug, 2019
    • Anti-Oxidant Box to keep and carry the organs for the organ transfusion, under development
  • R&D for Anti-cell conversion freezing technology
  • Market OEM products in the field of food and medical related products


Launched VinoLungo in Dec., 2017